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Professional Scrum Product Owner

Implement agility to compete on the market. Cope the chaos of competing customer demands.

Certification course (D10089)

Product and Program managers are responsible for juggling many competing interests: committments to customers, committments to the marketplace, all while managing risk and change. Additionally they must organize and optimize the competing interests by systems architecture, persona, product functionality, and customer rollout plans. These responsibilities are very difficult in large, international organizations that develop and market interrelated products and product families.

The Professional Scrum Product Owner course helps these managers understand how to use Scrum to meet these responsibilities. Their input is Product Backlog, a prioritized list of requirements that optimize value and reduce waste. Their output are increments of work ready to inventory for release. The Product Owner manages the Scrum Teams for the Product and Program Managers, using these artifacts to help them fulfill their responsibilities.

This course teaches attendees how to use Scrum, a tool, to manage product and system development to achieve these benefits, while avoiding traditional pitfalls and black holes. It helps them understand the Scrum role of Product Owner, and how to use the role and Scrum.

At the end of the course, you will also have the opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge to the test with the Professional Scrum Product Owner I Assessment (available only in English). Certification fees are included in the course price. More information about the assessment is available on the website.

For those new to Scrum, we recommend the Scrum Essentials course.    


After this course a Product or Program Manager is enabled to optimize value, prioritize requirements and to reduce waste. He learned how to manage the product backlog, releases and risks. He knows basic rules how to interact with other Product Managers and with marketing.

Target group

Program and product managers in organizations that use Scrum to develop software. Customers in organizations whose Information Technology department. Product Owners on Scrum Teams.

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