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Lean, Scrum and Agile

Management 3.0 - Agile Leadership Practices

Experience agile leadership practices for the successful agile manager. Hear about a range of case studies illustrating how these practices can be applied successfully.


In the agile world, the role of the manager is often overlooked. A lot of information on agile software development, agile testing and agile project management is available, but little on specific practices for development managers and team leaders.

There is no doubt, however, that organisations that take the agile route need to do more than just change the way developers, testers and project managers work. In order to be able to lead agile teams and organisations successfully, development managers and team leaders also need to learn new techniques and practices.

This course is about helping you, as a manager in an agile organisation, to achieve success!


At the end of the course, you will be familiar with Agile Leadership Practices which you will be able to apply directly within your organisation.

We will familiarise you with complexity theory as an agile thinking mindset. You will be able to successfully assemble, develop and manage agile teams. You will learn how to motivate your staff, encourage them to be self-organising and how to use this to build an effective agile organisation. Your learning experience will be rounded off with tips for successfully transforming your environment.

After the training, you will receive a course certificate from the Management 3.0 training organisation.

Target group

This course is intended for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders who want to become ‘agile’. The course is also aimed at developers, testers and project managers who want to become good team leaders or line managers.

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