UX and Innovation

Interaction Design

User-oriented design of interactive systems. Basic principles and advanced aspects of GUI design. GUI prototyping with practical exercises.


Today, a good user interface is one of the crucial factors for the success of a software product. However, designing user interfaces is complex and requires extensive knowledge of interaction design and usability engineering. This course therefore provides the basic knowledge and methodology required for good user interface design. Interaction design concepts are explained using actual practical examples and without using technology. Extensive practical exercises form the core component of the course: in these exercises, participants can apply the methods they have covered and the design know-how they have acquired for practical purposes. Thus participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve a high level of user interface usability in software development projects and to assess the latter on a continuous basis.


Course participants will be able to use design and usability methods independently in order to translate existing requirements into user-friendly GUI applications.

Target group

Usability engineers, information architects, business analysts, GUI designers, software developers and product managers who want to design GUIs independently for development projects.

Scheduling Overview