Product Engineering

Value Engineering: One Step Ahead the Competition

Learning a methodical approach. Best practices illustrated on the basis of actual projects. Case study used to consolidate the theory.


Current status analysis – the systematic aspect of cost reduction: This course teaches the correct approach and methodology for a systematic analysis of current status. Subjects include the creation of cost transparency, product and production analysis, and the derivation of cost reduction principles.

Potential analysis – the creative aspect of cost reduction: Using the cost transparency created earlier, the course illustrates methods to generate creative solutions for cost reduction. It also uses real-life example products and projects to illustrate a wide range of best practices.

Lean production – targeting waste: The course uses a value stream analysis of existing production to teach its participants about the 7 main types of waste. It also covers the most significant methods of reducing waste and achieving value stream excellence.

Application: The theory is applied to an actual example of cost reduction. Participants work together to create cost transparency, derive cost reduction principles from it and work out possible solutions for reducing manufacturing costs. Their results are then compared to the actual solution.


Following this course, participants will be able to use methods to reduce manufacturing costs in a goal-oriented manner.

Target group

The course is aimed at development managers, project managers and developers of interdisciplinary projects. Maximum number of course participants: 12.

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