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09.- 11. September 2016

Techfest Munich

The Gold and Silver Partners will set innovation challenges. On the first day the partners showcase the challenges and technologies. Afterwards, you are free to choose your projects – you can work on a specific partner’s challenge or work on your own ideas in the wild track. The final project entries compete for the TECHFEST MUNICH Awards in the TECHSLAM on the last day.

Take part at the Fast And Furious Challenge!

Imagine a racing car equipped with motion sensors. Imagine sensor readings pouring into your computer at a frequency of 50 Hz. With only those sensor readings, will you be able to write a program that learns what the track looks like? And will that program then be able to learn how to actually drive the fastest lap, considering the enforced speed limits in the corners? In this exciting challenge, you'll eventually understand what it means when the Internet of Things meets Machine Learning. By applying concurrent algorithms, put together in a Reactive Programming style, you can win the challenge.

The setup: Sensor readings from the car are sent to a controller PC via bluetooth, from there they'll be written into a RabbitMQ server, that you'll be connected to. You analyse the readings, learn to deal with physical noise, learn to tell curves from straights, recognize the recurring patterns, and then finally you derive a model of the track and you'll be able to localize the car on that track model. Now your program can predict what's coming up next and act accordingly. That's when the real fun starts!!

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