Zühlke Ventures

Our Principles

Zühlke Ventures support high-tech start-up in the MedTech, eHealth, mHealth industry from early stage to exit. We finance ideas that hit the nerve of the market. We evaluate carefully before acting, fully aware that there are no guarantees. Our goals are to recognize potential, get involved early, limit threats and accept reasonable risks. The many assets we provide include sound financing, a wealth of management and technology experience, and our strong network.



Investment Focus


Martin Rutishauser

Member of the Board & Partner


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Stephan Wehrli

Investment Principal


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Silicon Valley
Kal Mentak

Venture Partner


Our Companies

Aluna - health platform

A doctor-approved health platform to help you and your child track asthma symptoms anytime, anywhere. Aluna is a portable spirometry test device paired with an interactive iPhone game kids will love.


Stealth Mode

Noctrix Health - Neuromodulation Therapy

A wearable neuromodulation therapy for treating sleep disorders; initial focus is Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). The system is paired with a smartphone app that allows for sleep quality tracking & telemedicine applications for MDs.

Amina Health - Nutrient Monitoring

Amina Health monitors your nutrient levels with a single drop of blood and provides results within minutes. The Amina Bio is a handheld device that can be used at home, or in clinics for accurate, convenient and affordable testing.

Hystrix Medical - Marketplace for Medical Products

Hystrix Medical provides a digital marketplace for medical products (supplies), implants and services. The platform allows hospitals and medical practices a dynamic comparison of supply and demand.

Droplette - Transdermal Drug Delivery

Droplette owns IP for a device that enables delivery of drug molecules via the skin (which otherwise represents a natural barrier) – without pain.

Lunaphore - Tumor Analysis

Tumor analysis platforms performing immunohistochemistry based on a microfluidic technology within minutes being 10 to 20 times faster than existing systems.

Tenon - Sacroiliac Joint Implant

Implant for sacroiliac (SI) joint fixation using a minimally invasive technique via an easily accessible incision resulting in a simpler, more efficient surgery which carries fewer risks.

Distalmotion - Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery product line enabling a new generation of minimally invasive surgery in the abdominal cavity with the potential to reduce cost per surgery by a factor of 5 – 10.

LMD - Mobile Vital Signs Sensor

World’s first medical grade, certified vital signs sensor system for smartphones measuring blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate.

DSwiss - Cloud Data Vault

Digital vaults for personal documents and passwords, technology for digital document delivery and secure file sharing for asset managers and bank clients.

Our Exits

Swisstom - Acquired by Sentec in 2018

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) for monitoring the lung and heart function of patients in ICUs and during general anaesthesia.

Message Automation - Acquired by Broadridge in 2017

Leading specialist provider of Post Trade Control solutions to help clients manage the multiple trade processing challenges created by new regulations and market practices across all asset classes in OTC, ETD and FI markets.