The New Normal

The current situation around COVID-19 challenges us all. What does this crisis mean for your industry and your company? Which measures make sense in the short term and what will change in the long term?

Our specialists provide answers, present insights and are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time! We are there for you.


Webinars (in German)

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Webinar Recordings (in German)

Quo vadis, Artificial Intelligence?

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Insurance: Digital Customer Journey in case of damage

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COVID-19 and Beyond: The Future of Commerce

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Requirements Engineering in product development

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Online courses at Zühlke Academy (in German)

Professional Scrum Master 28 – 29 May 2020

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Requirements in agile software engineering 4 – 5 June

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Better through the crisis thanks to DevOps

The coronavirus crisis is demonstrating how companies with an agile DevOps mindset can better respond to new circumstances and challenges than companies with rigid structures and processes.

‘The trend is already underway. The banks have no choice.’

Open banking with interfaces and open access, such as for FinTechs, marks a fundamental shift in traditional business models. Roger Wisler, Head of Swiss Branch & Business Manager at ndgit, and Mike Seiler, Senior Business Development Manager at Zühlke, discuss the level of digital development within the Swiss financial centre as well as possible applications of APIs and the effects of the current COVID-19 situation.

Stages of cybersecurity – based on Hermann Hesse

In these unprecedented times, when COVID-19 is running rampant around the world, the public has somewhat lost sight of the threats we face from cyberspace. But cyber attacks are more hazardous than ever before – particularly in times such as these, when remote working is on the rise. This article puts a contemporary twist on Hermann Hesse’s famous poem ‘Stages’.

A new dimension in the customer experience

The COVID-19 crisis has altered customer behaviour virtually overnight. New rules are in place about how to interact with other people and how to shop.

What online retailers need to do now

In contrast to the food retail sector, distribution in the non-food sector currently only works online. Now those who have an innovative online platform are being rewarded.

What agility means for food retailer

Even before the current crisis situation, we knew that insufficient stability and a lack of adaptability in existing IT systems and business applications could harm a company’s performance. But now more than ever, we need swift action and companies have to rapidly adapt to increasingly complex business models.

Remote working and what it takes

Remote working is a topic on everyone’s lips at present, due to the current coronavirus situation. The working model sounds simple – but some important things have to be taken into account that poses challenges to many companies.

The future of retail is now

Retailers today need to develop a vision and a business case, revitalise existing applications and incorporate new technologies – from AR/VR to blockchain. The aim is to offer consumers a seamless experience along all touch points.

The new norm – distributed meetings. And not just due to Covid-19.

We have strategic goals at Zuhlke, one of which is to facilitate the closer integration of our operation across the countries and continents we are based in.

Remote Discovery insights, how to make your remote Discovery a success

We recently had to pivot the Discovery phase for a new project, with a newly formed team to be completely remote. Our original plan included many collaborative sessions, some with potentially up to 15 people involved, but COVID-19 has made that impossible.

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