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Success Story

Thinking inside the box

They are simply a part of every Swiss railway station: Selecta vending machines. There are approximately 140,000 of them in 21 countries. Zühlke developed a multifunctional app for service technicians and established reliable support mechanisms.


Selecta was in the market for a software solution for their service technicians. In future, they were supposed to work with a tablet PC instead of the current hardware which had reached the end of its lifecycle. As with the previous tool, the app should enable the technicians to receive work orders, record their working hours, order spare parts, and manage the inventory. Zühlke prevailed against seven competitors in a pitch. The new app increased the user-friendliness of existing functions, and provided the technicians with the new option of synchronizing manuals with their tablets. In addition, Zühlke created a configuration page to manage users, and connected the app to the back-end systems at short notice.


Zühlke assembled a team with employees from Switzerland and Serbia. The distributed development team analyzed the existing tool and adopted an agile approach to design the new solution. Zühlke relied on a close exchange with the technicians: Each team member accompanied a technician for half a day at work. This gave Zühlke a clear idea of the requirements. Every two weeks there was a review meeting where the technicians shared their feedback. Furthermore, representatives of Zühlke AMS (Application Management Services) joined the team from the outset in order to ensure a smooth transition to the support and further development of the app. The app was completed on time and was very well received by its users.

Customer benefits

  • Zühlke provided a user-friendly solution as well as support service from one single source.
  • Owing to the agile development, the software was ready for use after just a few months.
  • Little effort, big effect: Thanks to the wide expertise of Zühlke›s experts, an interdisciplinary approach was possible with only a small team.
  • Zühlke had the experience and flexibility to take on additional tasks at short notice and adjusted the team size to the customers needs.

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