Application Transformation

Swisscom: Stabilisation by means of agile development

With Swisscom turning its attention to building a new platform for its Enterprise customers, it is handing over the reins to its legacy platform to Zühlke.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Outsourcing of duties to ensure efficient stabilisation of legacy platform
  • Rapid response to productive issues and security risks
  • Professional preparation for data migration with the aim of ensuring maximum satisfaction among end customers



Decommissioning a platform that is currently in use is a very demanding task. However, the migration process went extremely smoothly thanks to our partnership with Zühlke.

– Dr. Frank Dederichs, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Innovation, Swisscom

Outsourcing the legacy platform

Plans are in progress to replace Swisscom’s long-standing platform that provides infrastructure to customers via the cloud. Swisscom will be outsourcing all duties for its legacy platform to Zühlke so that it may focus entirely on building the successor platform. The legacy platform’s stability, scalability, quality and security have to be safeguarded throughout the transition process, as it will continue to provide infrastructure to customers until it is decommissioned.

A non-centralised development team

A team consisting of developers and business analysts from Zühlke and Swisscom at sites in Switzerland and Serbia will take charge of the legacy platform. The team is primarily tasked with stabilising the platform, providing level three support, analysing the current production status and making amendments as required, improving the platform’s scalability, and guaranteeing quality and security. The team will also take care of preparatory measures for migrating Enterprise customers to the successor platform and will ultimately decommission the legacy platform.

Taking responsibility in a complex application environment

An agile development approach and high levels of flexibility and quality will enable Swisscom to meet the high expectations of the platform’s remaining customers until migration to the new platform has been completed. Despite the project being shrouded in uncertainty, Zühlke will be taking charge of the complex application environment and overseeing the project until the legacy platform is phased out.


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