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Swisscom: All-round service package for a legacy application

Swisscom is replacing a system with a new application. Zühlke will assume responsibility for the existing system, enabling Swisscom to focus on the successor solution.

Customer benefits

  • The current system will continue to run reliably for years in parallel with the new application.
  • Swisscom will receive an all-round service package for the legacy system.
  • Existing processes will be optimised and the application modernised where necessary.

Parallel operation on two systems

Swisscom records and alters fixed-line telephony contracts using an online system that has existed since 2001. Since this system was commissioned, technology and products have continued to develop rapidly. New generations of products have already been managed using successor systems. Now, Swisscom is bringing Zühlke on board to maintain necessary content on the legacy system.

Responsibility for the development team

The Zühlke team is taking responsibility for the further development, maintenance and support of the existing order system. New use cases and change requests will be critically analysed in order to avoid unprofitable investments on the part of the client. The team will ensure that the system is integrated into the Swisscom development process and release cycles. Zühlke will scale down its capacities on an ongoing basis.


All-round service package frees up resources for client

The new order system will allow Swisscom to introduce modern processes and technology for its new products. Swisscom will hand over responsibility for the existing system to the Zühlke team, freeing up the internal resources that were previously dedicated to it. By outsourcing to Zühlke, Swisscom receives an all-round service package for the further development and maintenance of the existing order system, with the aim of phasing out this system entirely in the medium term.


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