How can Sika exploit the benefits of AR/MR/VR for their business?

Together with Zühlke, Sika’s Collaboration and Digital Learning team developed ideas in a half-day workshop on how augmented and virtual reality can be used in business or training situations.

Customer benefits

  • Idea generation: How can Sika take advantage of augmented, mixed and virtual reality?
  • The Sika team had the opportunity to test MR and VR glasses.
  • Sika learned from specialists all about the possibilities that exist with the latest technologies.



In only a few hours, Zühlke made it very clear to us that it is worth pursuing our ideas and, sooner or later, complementing our staff training with AR/MR/VR.

– Christian Frey, Digital Knowledge Management & Collaboration, Sika

Training in some 100 countries

The five-member team, which is responsible for digital learning and collaboration at the building materials manufacturer Sika, was seeking ideas on how to improve the cooperation between their 17,000 employees in 97 countries and 170 factories even more in the future.

Joint idea generation

In the first section dealing with theory, Zühlke explained the development of AR, MR and VR as well as the diverse applications the technology already offers today. The Sika team’s specific needs were then discussed and, in the second practical section, the members tried out the HoloLens and HTC Vive MR/VR glasses themselves.


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Photo: Mr Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Principal Consultant
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality