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SIGA: Determining the potential of innovative solutions

SIGA, a manufacturer of high-performance adhesive tapes and membranes, wants to take advantage of the opportunities and potential that digital technologies can offer. Zühlke is helping SIGA to envision new concepts and develop ideas.

Customer Benefits

  • Top benefits at a low investment
  • Alignment and speed creation in an international team
  • Formation of relevant ideas for innovation



The workshop was truly worth every minute.

– Peter Scherrer, CFO SIGA

Innovative solutions are the next step

A family business originating from Switzerland, SIGA is a manufacturer of high-performance adhesive tapes and membranes that ensure airtight and windproof building envelopes. SIGA employs 500 people across Asia, Europe and North America. Their mission is ‘Zero energy-loss building’ solutions. The company has extensively optimised its processes and production and has moved into their new innovation centre in Schachen. SIGA now wants to explore the potential that digital customer experience, digital technologies and digital business models can offer and is seeking external support.

Finding opportunities and coming up with ideas

At a day-long innovation workshop, Zühlke used design thinking to take participants on a journey through the ideation process. The SIGA team consistently put itself in the end customer’s shoes and determined the needs of future SIGA target groups on the basis of customer personas. Based on this, the group developed and prioritised concrete product ideas, after which they evaluated the associated expenditure and benefits. Motivating keynote speeches by Zühlke experts on topics such as artificial intelligence and AR/VR, as well as concrete examples of digital business models, helped to inspire creativity.

Concrete potential established – mission accomplished

The interdisciplinary team made up of all SIGA regional companies is now able to channel its creativity and coordinate with one another and is working on developing three concrete ideas for innovation that are based on data analytics and AR/VR, which will be further developed internally.


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