Predictive Maintenance

Worldwide access to maintenance data

REMA TIP TOP offers full maintenance services for bulk handling systems worldwide. Thanks to the CMMS solution provided by Zühlke, the inspectors involved are now equipped with iPads.

Customer Benefits

  • Complete, high-quality solution from a single source.
  • Application fit for use after 6 months.
  • Facilitated communication and increased efficiency.


REMA TIP TOP and its partners engage hundreds of inspectors who frequently visit customer sites (e.g. mines) to perform inspections and other maintenance services. Before the introduction of the Computer-ized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the workflow was fully paper based which led to slow processing, poor data quality and a lack of historical information. On being approached by REMA TIP TOP, Zühlke immediately embraced the challenge of solving this complex problem.


After completing a detailed requirements engineering phase, the technical development was undertaken using an agile process, whilst ensuring strong stakeholders involvement. After approximately six months, the CMMS went productive in 2012, and it is now used successfully by various international subsidiaries and partners all around the world. Zühlke has subsequently been responsible for operating, maintaining and enhancing the system. The CMMS consists of a back office and mobile client (iPad) connected via cloud-based backend services. The back office client enables project managers to organise and plan inspections and maintenance services. Features include representations of customer infrastructure (e.g. machine networks) and a time-management system for coordinating inspectors, service technicians and tools. Details of scheduled maintenance services are synchronized with the mobile client and are carried out offline by service technicians. On completion, the results are synchronized to the back office client, where the project manager refines and validates the maintenance work performed.


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