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Securing DNA evidence – reliably and efficiently

One source for everything – from the concept to the injection moulded tube. Zühlke develops a smart ejection system for DNA analysis swabs.

Customer Benefits

  • Early use of models and patterns accelerates the design phase and increases the quality.
  • USP over competing products and patent filing.
  • Ability to respond to new market demands.


ForensiX serves DNA sampling in criminal investigations and other applications. Demands on the product have increased due to the trend in forensic science and the medical sector towards high-throughput screenings. Prionics’ customers want process reliability and automated analyses with minimal risk of cross-contamination. Zühlke’s task is to develop an affordable and automatable sample ejection system that is integrated in the product. Goal of this refinement is to minimize the effort required for costly preparation of the DNA sample in the laboratory.


In parallel to the theoretical idea and concept development, Zühlke quickly builds models, producing an illustrative mock-up overnight. The ejection concept developed stands out with its simplicity and reliable operation. Analytical calculations along with FEM and rapid prototyping follow, to optimise the concept for the injection moulding process. This keeps risks and expensive tooling adjustments to a minimum. Zühlke supports the project to implementation with off-tool parts. All usage phases, from the sampling, preservation, transportation up to the laboratory analysis, are realized optimally.


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