Success Story

Personalized shopping advice thanks to data analytics

Everyone shops differently. That’s why the Bring! app aims to provide a personalized, individual user experience. Zühlke helped the customer achieve this with data analytics.


With the Bring! app, you can create and share shopping lists from a wide variety of products. Personalized and customized experiences are the key elements based on which the mobile shopping list aims to differentiate itself on the market. A feasibility study was conducted to see how an automated, individual customer experience could be created for the Bring! shopping list with data analytics.



Experts from Zühlke held an innovation workshop together with the customer. A jobs-to-be-done analysis helped identify the specific starting points: shopping cycles and product groups.


The combined information makes it possible to advise the users individually on their list creation, to remind them about forgotten items, or to suggest relevant additions. The feasibility and potential of the approaches were tested within a few weeks with a proof of concept. Zühlke‘s team worked leanly and efficiently using representative data snapshots in this phase. Shopping basket analyses determined the shopping themes and automatically extracted association rules from the data. It was then possible to identify, visualize and analyze common patterns in the shopping lists. In order to make temporal predictions, examinations were conducted to see if the products were related to a particular season or whether cyclical patterns could be identified. The customer was able to view the proposed products and test the results with a provided prototype.

Customer benefits

  • The systematic approach in the innovation workshop showed the customer valuable use cases based on data analytics.
  • Thanks to extensive know-how in data analysis, Zühlke was able to advise the client optimally.
  • With the help of Zühlke‘s specialists, one innovative idea evolved into two concrete, valuable business cases for the customer.