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Success Story

Feminine design and optimised system architecture

Valley Electronics AG wanted to launch a new fertility monitor featuring an intuitive­ interface, a new design and with low manufacturing costs. The timeframe for the project was tight and the spread of ideas broad.


Valley Electronics AG, a leading manufacturer of fertility monitors, wished to expand its product portfolio. Working closely with the client, Zühlke undertook the mechanical design work for the new monitor.

Meeting the client’s demanding requirements in terms of cost, robustness, weight and usability whilst translating the existing concept and functionality into a new case design which could be manufactured easily and at low cost was a major challenge.


Zühlke rapidly put together a completely new system architecture. The existing ‘silicone solution’ was replaced with a two-shot injection moulded case.


This allowed a high quality optical user interface to be realised and the key requirements of robustness, low manufacturing costs, ease of cleaning, an appealing feel and a lean assembly process to be met. Samples produced using rapid prototyping showed that the demanding goals
set were attainable.

The final implementation step was conducted using Zühlke’s tried and tested product development process, allowing the customer to launch the product just 12 months after project start.

Customer benefits

  • Zühlke’s experience with interdisciplinary projects enabled Valley Electronics AG to adhere to its highly optimistic product launch schedule.
  • The innovative approach taken by Zühlke allowed manufacturing costs to be minimised whilst at the same time improving the design of the product.
  • Early deployment of a range of Zühlke experts, particularly visual designers, resulted in an optimum outcome whilst minimising the amount of time spent coordinating the project.

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