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Mobi24: Guide to process innovation

Mobi24 wants to improve its processes. Zühlke creates a heatmap of the process landscape and identifies untapped potential for both the assistance and emergency call centre, and the contact centre organisation

Customer Benefits

  • Zühlke identifies and analyses the core processes within a very short time.
  • A heatmap highlights the processes that can be optimised.
  • Mobi24 receives a specific action plan for independent implementation.



The collaboration was highly professional. Zühlke's experts immediately understood Mobi24's culture

– Barbara Agoba, Managing Director at Mobi24

Determining potential for optimisation

As Mobiliar's assistance and call centre, Mobi24 is the first point of contact for customers. Mobi24 wants to align its organisational structure and processes to the requirements of its parent company and current market conditions, as well as secure their future viability. Mobi24 contracts Zühlke to conduct a process analysis of the company’s entire service and support processes.

Roadmap for the process innovation

Within just a few weeks, Zühlke analyses Mobi24's processes in workshops and individual conversations. On this basis, the mixed team defines and analyses the 20 most important core processes and transfers them to a heatmap. From this, the fields of action for the adaptation of the processes and the organisational structure are derived.

Structure follows processes

The heatmap shows how Mobi24 can reconcile its current organisational structure with its process landscape. Zühlke's consultancy enables Mobi24 to systematically implement the existing digitalisation potential in its range of services.


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