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Long-term clinical success with optimized devices

An innovative polymerization unit enabled dental filling materials to be cured with pinpoint accuracy, and an improved radiometer ensured optimum irradiance.

Customer Benefits

  • Thanks to the innovative approaches, production costs were lowered, energy consumption was reduced, and measurement accuracy increased.
  • Zühlke deliberately focused on components for which a second source was available.


Ivoclar Vivadent AG expanded their product portfolio with an additional LED polymerization unit. The correct irradiance of a polymerization unit ensures fillings are cured accurately, which is crucial for the long-term clinical success of the restoration. To measure the irradiance precisely, irrespective of the type (halogen, plasma, LED) and performance of the device, an existing radiometer was to be enhanced. Zühlke designed and developed the electronics and firmware for both devices and conducted comprehensive testing.


With the polymerization unit, the emphasis was on electronics that were simple and inexpensive but still guaranteed a good light output. A reduction in production costs was achieved by focusing on the relevant functions and reusing components from the existing product family (economies of scale). Zühlke developed an innovative measuring system for the radiometer that was independent of the type of light used. It achieved previously unequalled high measuring accuracy for both low and very high light outputs. The device also proved its worth with very low power consumption, making tiresome battery changing virtually unnecessary.


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