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Success Story

IT strategy brings mobility benefits

The increasing interconnectedness of company systems and customers' growing demand for information posed a serious IT challenge. Under the leadership of a Zühlke consultant, a new IT strategy was developed.


As the company serving the most customers in the Libero transport association, BERNMOBIL operates the tram and bus network in the Bern region and represents a crucial link in the mobility chain. Smooth operation across the association and the continuous expansion of services require a high degree of information exchange between the affiliated partners. Consistent and efficient business processes are necessary to satisfy customers' growing information needs and to ensure optimal coordination between the affiliated networks.

IT, as a central element in the provision of services, needed to be aligned to future needs. As part of the overall IT strategy, guidelines for the alignment of infrastructure, the application environment, processes and organization were to be developed.



The Zühlke consultant interviewed the managers responsible for each business area and compiled the essential requirements and factors of success from a business perspective. Using this as a basis, guidelines for every subject area (applications, infrastructure, operational processes, management and organization, etc.) were elaborated and specified in an iterative process in close cooperation with the Head of IT. As part of the gap analysis, the project team identified areas for action and prioritized them with the help of an effect matrix. The weighting of the areas formed the basis for elaborating strategic project profiles, thus defining the implementation roadmap.

Customer benefits

  • Zühlke's field-tested process model resulted in high project effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Zühlke assisted in building a company-wide consensus among the decision-makers: The IT was focused firmly on strategic business demands.
  • By means of benefit / effort analyses, the project team was better able to prioritize the areas for action, deduce strategic project initiatives and define the implementation roadmap.

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