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Success Story

Sensor for continuous glucose monitoring

Zühlke developed part of a new type of glucose sensor. After assessing the risks, the Zühlke specialists drew up the specifications for the electronics and then assisted the customer’s project manager.


Sensile Medical AG develops new technologies for medical products for diabetes care. This project involved a new type of glucose sensor for the continuous monitoring of the patient in the clinic. Zühlke offered to handle the following work packets for the development of this sensor:

  • Preparation of the risk management plan for the sensor.
  • Development of the complete electronic system for the adapter part.
  • Support for the project manager.


The Zühlke specialists’ in-depth review of the micro-fluid chip yielded a list of the biggest risks involved. After a discussion with the customer, the specialists defined specific ways of mitigating these risks.

In a further step, they drew up specifications for the development of the adapter electronics and for the connection cable between the adapter and the PDA. Based on this work, the Zühlke engineers completed the entire electronics. Zühlke then produced 50 prototypes in its own labs and tested their functions.

The support given to the project manager included the introduction of development methods and tools as well as the coordination of external suppliers.

Customer benefits

  • The customer benefited from Zühlke’s many years of experience in the methodical development of medical devices and was able to introduce the development and project manager tools quickly.

  • The impartial review conducted by the experienced specialists gave the customer the assurance that the biggest risks had been identified prior to the clinical studies.

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