Bystronic: intuitive user software for process automation

With the Robot Manager, Zühlke and Bystronic have come up with individualised, high-performance programming software for automated bending using the Mobile Bending Robot.

Customer benefits

  • Process innovation through automation of a repetitive, manual work process
  • Software development, usability engineering and implementation power from a single source
  • Tailor-made software rapidly generated through flexible, agile collaboration



With its neutral view of the project, Zühlke allowed us to implement our requirements and needs without the usual tunnel vision.

– Hans Bieri, Project Manager Bystronic

Efficiency and precision through automation

In the sheet metal processing of today, many steps of the process are already automated. But procedures for chamfering sheet metal are still traditionally carried out manually – a tiring, energy-draining activityTo solve this challenge, Bystronic developed the Mobile Bending Robot to take over this repetitive work process. And for the development of the offline software, Bystronic got the experts from Zühlke on board. The CAM software was developed from scratch to meet Bystronic´s specific requirements, allowing end-users intuitive programming of the robot and other stations in the bending cell.


Usability at the centre of development

To guarantee rapid time-to-market, the operational concept was developed in agile collaboration. While Bystronic contributes its expertise, Zühlke’s usability engineers determine how to configure the software so that operations are as streamlined and simple as possible. A series of UX workshops is used to identify problematic cases and develop various solutions that provide the end user with the greatest benefit.


Process-oriented, intuitive user guidance

The result is the Robot Manager – a tailor-made piece of software for macro-programming of bending robots which form part of Bystronic’s bending automation. Using the Robot Manager’s intuitive 3D interface, users generate and simulate the desired automation steps for bending operations in an offline programming environment, a process innovation that results in greater efficiency for the operator and a more attractive work process for the user.


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