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Success Story

Rapid introduction of apps thanks to agile development

An app allows mobile Swisscom clients to report areas of poor or non-existent reception. With skills in usability, mobile and software engineering, Zühlke developed a solution that is perfectly in line with the customer’s goals.


Swisscom wants its mobile users to be able to easily report annoying occurrences such as interrupted conversations or poor audio quality. With these feedbacks, Swisscom intends to rectify issues causing tangible problems for their customers. The vision was to create an attractive and user-friendly application for iOS and Android smartphones that encourages their customers to report breaks in the mobile network. The app is also requires to allow Swisscom to easily carry out subsequent updates to the app, as well as making new versions available for download, thereby incorporating user feedback and suggestions into future versions.


The agile project team at Zühlke consisted of a usability engineer, an iOS and an Android developer. The detailed vision for the solution was a result of close cooperation between the usability engineer, the client and other Swisscom stakeholders.

First, the concept for the iOS app was evolved and documented – ideas were sketched on paper and are more concretely visualized in wireframes while taking the iOS User Experience Guidelines into account. The project team prioritised the collated set of requirements and initiated a parallel development process. The Android version of the app was designed by using the specification for the iOS app, taking into account relevant Android specifics. Due to the staggered start of development, the Android version benefited considerably from the issues already resolved with regard to the iOS version. The wireframes served as communication and specification templates for the developers. A product backlog and a burndown diagram were used to monitor costs.

Customer Benefits

  • Thanks to the close cooperation between the development team, the usability engineer and Swisscom, a complete and very successful product was developed within just three months from the initial vision.
  • The project’s agile approach allowed for changes in direction and the integration of improvements without any negative time or financial consequences.
  • Each party focused on its specific strengths: Swisscom provided the idea and Zühlke the finished app.

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