Business Transformation

Safeguarding expertise through software modernization

Zühlke developed a tool to translate legacy code from Fortran to Java. As a result, Alstom’s tried and trusted programs were soon up and running again.

Customer Benefits

  • Short time-to-market thanks to innovative approach.
  • Responding to changing requirements thanks to agile procedure.
  • Comprehensive and reusable solution.


Alstom uses numerous programs in Fortran to design steam turbines. Each program contains decades of experience and business-critical domain knowledge. The goal was to unify all the programs in one modern platform. This included porting programs from Fortran to Java. But how? Reimplementing them in Java would be time consuming and carry a high risk of inexplicable deviations in the output design data.


The translation software worked well from the outset and is being used to port further Fortran programs. The one-off investment costs for the tool’s development are recouped each time it is re-used. Thanks to the manual post-editing, the quality of the code was improved and future maintainability safeguarded.


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