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PostLogistics: Making customer centricity a part of everyday routine

Awareness of CX methods is increasing among employees and the CEM team is expanding its portfolio. Zühlke supports PostLogistics with the development of workshop formats closely linked to real-life practice.

Customer benefits

  • Developing a CX workshop series for training purposes
  • Raising awareness among employees and positioning of the internal CEM team
  • Fostering a customer-oriented corporate culture



A continual increase in the awareness of CX and the teaching of simple, practice-oriented methods are key for us.

– Liv Bianchet, Manager Customer Experience, PostLogistics

Making customer insights usable for the business

The PostLogistics CEM (Customer Experience Management) team places the customer at the centre of their work, supports project initiatives and fosters customer orientation among employees. It aims to constantly increase customer focus within the company. The practice-oriented, constructive series of training sessions aims to empower employees to further develop processes, products and services that relate to the end customer. PostLogistics also aims to increase customer-oriented awareness and thinking within the group and expand the CEM team’s repertoire.


Connecting theory and practice

With these two training formats, Zühlke is expanding the CEM team’s didactic portfolio in the areas of qualitative research and customer personas. The CEM team is aiming to optimise and develop the formats on its own, which calls for methodology and didactics in addition to knowledge transfer.

Business relevance through customer contact

With training linked to concrete use cases from day-to-day Post-Logistics operations, employees gain an appreciation for the value and relevance of CX as well as a methodological toolkit that they can use in their own work. Training also adheres to the co-creation principle and incorporates direct exchange with actual PostLogistics customers. This increases awareness of the ways in which CX contributes to the business relevance of internal projects, resulting not just in transfer of know-how but also a truly customer-oriented corporate culture.


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