Schurter: Versatile Display-Switch

Schurter wants to offer an attractive, flexible, and intuitive control unit. Zühlke takes the idea of the component manufacturer as a basis and develops it into a market-ready product.

Customer Benefits

  • Zühlke’sinterdisciplinary team of experts accelerates the development
  • Know-how transfer to Schurterin the area of intelligent electronics.
  • Introduction of the agile development method (Scrum System) at Schurter. 

Innovative control unit

Schurter offers a wide range of electronic components. To counter the growing pressure on margins, the company wants to expand its portfolio with new, innovative products. This results in the idea of developing a versatile control unit that can be used in prototypes and small to medium-sized batches of electronic consumer devices. Schurter gets Zühlke on board to gain the necessary knowhow in the areas of software, intelligent electronics, and agile development methodology.


Complete control

For the cooperation with Schurter, Zühlke puts together a crossdisciplinary team of experts. They develop an operating concept, design housing and electronics as well as firm- and software. The agile approach with short development cycles and continuous testing of the functions ensures maximum control over the project and the growing requirements at all times.


Versatile and simple to use 

Based on Schurter’s idea, Zühlke drafts and designs the CDS1 display switch. A stylish, functional unit that can be programmed simply and individually with the corresponding software. Schurter manufactures the switch in-house, assuring full control over costs and revenues. 


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