Kinastic: Digital revolution in health clubs

Kinastic’s goal: documenting entire training sessions digitally in fitness centres. Zühlke supports the start-up in the conception stage and assists with hardware development.

Customer Benefits

  • Zühlke helps Kinastic to implement the business idea in a structured way

  • Zühlke industrialises the product and produces a pilot run for fieldtesting

  • Kinastic gains development and electronics know-how



We appreciate how Zühlke treats a small start-up like ours as an equal and works with us at eye level.

– Michael Kubli, Co-Founder und Head of Sales at Kinastic

Digitally recording training sessions 

Many health clubs are still largely analogue: training stats and performance are recorded manually in a journal. Further processing of this data is only possible with considerable effort, which is why Kinastic wants to digitise training: The idea is for a smart pin on the machine to transmit the set weight and number of repetitions directly to a smartphone app. Kinastic needs help with development and gets in touch with Zühlke.

Getting to the core of the task

In workshops with Kinastic, Zühlke extracts the essence of the business idea and spec-ifies the requirements, while continually reviewing and adapting the approach and strategy. The collaboration between the start-up and Zühlke’s experts finally culminates in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

From the idea to the field test

Zühlke’s specialists refine Kinastic’s business idea and develop the smart pin. Now it is possible to reliably record the set weights and number of repetitions on a smartphone. Zühlke produces a pilot run of the hardware so Kinastic can conduct field testing with an end user.


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