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Success Story

Project assessment provides reliable basis for planning

The clock was ticking for Digitec Galaxus AG: The migration of their ERP system had to be completed before the Christmas shopping season. Zühlke ascertained in a project-assessment if and how this was possible in the short time available.


Digitec Galaxus AG, operator of the leading Swiss online shop, was about to begin initial operation of a comprehensive ERP system developed in-house. All the core processes were to be switched during regular operation into the new application logic, and all revenues were to be transferred to a new company. It was essential to complete the migration before the approaching Christmas season, otherwise thecommissioning would have had to be postponed. Digitec Galaxus AG therefore needed to know if it was possible to accomplish the migration within the allotted time and without a negative impact on their customers. Zühlke evaluated the feasibility of the business-critical project and identified the risks.


In a joint workshop with the customer, Zühlke defined the priorities and issues crucial to the assessment, and identified key staff members for the necessary interviews. The review team developed a tailor-madequestionnaire based on various standard models and their own experience. Zühlke analyzed the answers given in the interviews and assessed the maturity level of the organization, the migration project and the software system. The assessment confirmed that the migration could be completed within the defined time frame and identified project risks that needed to be followed up. The estimation of the maturity level and specific recommendations on potential areas for improvement enabled the customer to initiate targeted measures and successfully complete the project on schedule.

Customer Benefits

  • Thanks to Zühlke‘s experience in the field of agile development, the customer received valid information that was tailored to their procedures.
  • The customer-specific use of structured models provided Digitec Galaxus AG with reliable feedback on the project situation as well as planning security.
  • Zühlke supplied practical suggestions on how to improve the project management methodology and the organization of the development processes.

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