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Success Story

Post merger integration of corporate IT

A leading company for linguistic services completed a large corporate merger. Zühlke investigated which IT solution would best suit the requirements of the merged business and provided support during the implementation project.


The client is a leading, internationally active company in the field of linguistic services. In order to expand and strengthen the company’s global presence, it acquired another business. The merged entity was to work with a common IT solution that would cover its needs at that time as well as providing optimal support for the company’s future strategy of growth. In addition to the functional requirements, it was also necessary to take into account aspects such as security, availability, performance, costs and the legal framework conditions. The Zühlke consultants carried out the evaluation process, working out and specifying the benefits of three possible migration scenarios in order to provide a solid decision-making basis for the company's management.


The three options that had to be assessed were the migration to one of the two existing solutions or the creation of a completely new solution. Evaluation criteria were defined, in cooperation with the business and IT departments, for the assessment of the scenarios. In addition to functional and non-functional requirements such as security, scalability and operational aspects, the team also identified issues based on the strategic alignment of the business and included these in the assessment. Using the evaluation criteria, the three scenarios were assessed and compared to each other. Using the analysis results, Zühlke drew up documentation to form a basis for the management’s decision-making process and submitted a recommendation. For the selected scenario, the consultants then planned the migration with the team members at the company and initiated the project.

Customer benefits

  • Neutrality and systematic approach:
    The Zühlke consultants ensure a systematic and neutral approach.
  • Leadership:
    The professional and external leadership provided allows the client to focus on the actual content.
  • Methodology and experience:
    The client benefits from the experience, in terms of methods and content, that Zühlke’s staff bring from other IT merger projects.

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