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Success Story

Operational costs for IT infrastructure reduced by 70%

Zühlke performed an IT audit which was to form the basis for a redeveloped IT strategy of a company. The optimisation concept showed that the IT could slash costs by two thirds whilst still continuing to fulfil its tasks.

The importance of IT is increasing ever more for companies. The opportunities provided by new IT technologies and trends can only be exploited if the factors driving business success, IT objectives, and structures are mutually supportive. With their grasp of business, best practices and IT expertise, our consultants build a bridge between entrepreneurial vision and IT.

We systematically identify measures that can increase IT’s contribution to success and provide opportunities for new business. At the same time, a consistent strategy protects you from poor investments and reduces IT operating costs.


The client runs the office infrastructure of a globally active company. This includes provision of the actual IT infrastructure as well as ensuring secure IT operations. The IT audit uncovered an outdated, complex and inflexible infrastructure with high operational costs. Key areas of emphasis for IT realignment were established as follows:

  • Separation of responsibility for business applications and infrastructure.
  • Renewing of the infrastructure to allow scalability for innovative projects.
  • New jobs with further automation provided by a high degree of standardisation.

Following preliminary clarifications regarding the IT strategy, Zühlke was awarded the contract to design and realise a complete renewal of the infrastructure and to review the support organisation.


Zühlke first drew up a rough concept: the goal was to provide a more efficient and flexible infrastructure that would cater for all three client groups, each of which had very different requirements. The realisation of the concept was carried out in a number of stages:

  • Standardisation of the IT infrastructure in order to simplify it both for users and support services; reduction of operational costs.
  • Evaluation and integration of an external partner.
  • Implementation, test, operational launch and migration of users.
  • Replacement of workstations for a further reduction in support costs.

The Zühlke team led the systematic testing of the solution and the subsequent migration of users, data pools and basic applications.

Customer benefits

  • Thanks to Zühlke’s extensive expertise in terms of optimising IT with regard to technology and operations, the customer now has a solution that is optimally tailored to its needs.

  • In the long-term, the client benefits from a clear improvement in performance, more flexibility and scalability. The business can thereby reduce the overall costs for the infrastructure operations by two thirds

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