Technical Assessments

Security through fact-based assessments

Software architectures and systems can be very complex - the results of our independent assessments, however, are not. Our experts provide easy-to-understand, fact-oriented recommendations for action. These give you the security you need for pioneering and strategic decisions. As a partner for business innovation, we continue to support you beyond completion of the assessment.

Key questions

  • We are investing heavily in a new customer portal. Is the new architecture future-proof?
  • With the increase in data volume, requests are becoming ever slower, and our customers are complaining about our booking system's loading times. How can we bring response times back to a reasonable level?
  • Our application architecture is fragmented and consists of numerous standard and individual software components. The system landscape has evolved over time and will soon become unmaintainable. A roadmap must be created on the basis of the actual and target architecture. How do we go about this?
  • The integration of my peripheral systems is prone to errors, which frequently causes a loss of information. How do we get these problems under control?


The direct route to results

  • Architecture assessment with fact-oriented recommendations for action 
  • Performance assessment, security or code review with tangible results 
  • Assessment of the development organisation including development processes (CI/CD, DevOps, etc.)
  • Analysis of the business architecture and elaboration of roadmaps


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Stephan Frey

Director Solution Center
Technical Assessments

"Software architectures and systems can be very complex - the results of our independent assessment are not."
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Heinz Rudin

Account Responsible
Technical Assessments