Multi-channel Solutions

Blending offline, online and mobile

A multi-channel approach significantly increases the complexity within a company. Whether it is just an additional information channel or a new sales channel: Companies will have to align it perfectly with any preexisting systems or channels. Not least because suitable backend systems and processes are required in order to address customers consistently across all channels.

Orchestrating the multi-channel approach

More than ever, in the digital age customers are always right. They can look up any information, order and control practically anything anytime. The digital natives – who will soon have a considerable purchasing power – expect to be able to join the customer journey at any point and any time, through every available channel and also to seamlessly switch across channels. In order to fulfill these customer expectations, companies have to complete the following tasks:

  • to develop an inspiring user experience for every channel
  • to create the organizational framework for implementing a successful multi-channel strategy
  • to standardize and cross-link all available touch point data in the backend area
  • to gain a profound understanding of customers’ navigation behavior across all channels thanks to data analytics
  • to implement an IT architecture and CRM system that enable multi-channel management

Focus: Safe apps for mobile devices

Mobile usage is on the fast track. Thanks to faster data transmission, more and more users access content or place orders through their mobile devices.

The implementation of mobile solutions is one of Zühlke’s core competences. Our experts ensure that:

  • user experience and safety are paramount
  • data is safely synchronized on central servers and mobile terminal devices
  • sensitive data is protected by a secure connection and stored on mobile devices in an encrypted form
  • poor reception does not impact the reaction speed on the user interface (offline capability)
Closer to the customer thanks to Zühlke

The main aim of a good multi-channel or multi-cross-channel strategy is simple: to get closer to the customer by designing inspirational user experiences and services that generate an added value for customers at the right point in time. Zühlke accompanies you on the path to customer-oriented solutions by offering the following services:

  • Channel strategy: A sound channel strategy will reveal how much each channel contributes to achieving your business goals. Using data analytics and customer segmentation, the business experts from Zühlke enable you to make informed decisions.
  • IT strategy: System decisions impact on your competitive strategy. Investing in technologies that can be upgraded means you remain flexible in the future – and will shorten the time to market for new services. Zühlke offers independent consulting services and proactive requirement engineering.
  • User experience: Today, users expect a seamless user experience. Zühlke UX experts support you from idea to implementation. Solutions will be tested with users in iterative cycles to analyze usability and their emotions before and after usage. Thus, we can empirically guarantee the best result.
  • Backend integration: Apps, websites or other channels ideally do not exist in isolation. Only integrating them in your company’s processes will generate real benefit. Zühlke ensures that sensitive data is safely transmitted between internal applications and mobile devices.

With Zühlke you profit from our unique combination of competences. In our company, business experts work hand in hand with IT and UX experts. The result: Integrated solutions that enable you to offer a seamless customer experience at every touch point and to enhance the productivity of your customer relations.