Globally Distributed Development

Innovation across all boundaries

The global markets offer endless possibilities. But in order to take advantage of them, you have to develop your products close to your international customers. This requires robust structures and impeccable planning. To prevent this strategy from stifling a company’s innovative capacity, each business location has to play to its strengths and cooperate smoothly.
Achieving the greatest possible market efficiency

The need to be closer to the customer, cost pressure, or the integration of merger partners’ development capacities – the reasons for the global distribution of research & development are as numerous as the challenges of cooperating on an international scale.

On the one hand, operations have to be organized in a way that will enable the greatest possible market efficiency. On the other hand, procedures have to be put into place to facilitate the continuous improvement of cooperation across geographical and cultural boundaries

International cooperation takes effort

To successfully cooperate with partners and business units in other countries, companies have to:

  • decide strategically which tasks and development processes are to be solved at the headquarters, and which at the subsidiaries. This is the only way to efficiently allocate tasks
  • ensure that each business location can optimally play to its strengths thanks to structured procedures
  • evaluate partners in other countries and draft cooperation agreements in foreign legal systems
  • address reservations regarding cultural differences to prevent any obstacles in cooperation
Global success with Zühlke

Zühlke understands the success factors of cross-border cooperation from numerous global projects and from our own nearshoring experience.

Thanks to our know-how, we can support companies in planning and setting up transnational research and development activities as well as in optimizing them.

  • Strategy: We assist our customers’ executives in strategic issues of location, nearshoring or outsourcing as they implement a development roadmap.
  • Organization: We support your company in restructuring or optimizing your organization and your processes. We help to establish procedures for cooperation and facilitate this culture change with professional change management.
  • Consulting: We will support you in efficiently finding suitable nearshoring locations and partners. Should conflicts between the different business locations arise, we will act as a neutral consultant to contribute towards a solution.

As engineering specialists with a broad international experience we grasp all aspects of your organization, culture and process maturity. You benefit from pragmatic and cost-efficient solutions that are tailored to your company.

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