Application Modernization

Application modernization as a prerequisite for innovation

Companies need to adapt their business processes ever faster and update their IT. At the same time, operation of the legacy systems devours most of the IT budget or existing core applications make it impossible to create end-to-end, automated business processes. In many cases, the renewal of legacy systems is a prerequisite for innovation.

Key questions

  • My business model is changing drastically. Are my systems and the organisational structure ready for this? How do I ensure a successful and interruption-free modernization?
  • My customers and partners have constantly changing needs. How can I deal with such requirements quickly and efficiently?
  • My clients and partners require that I share my data with them, but my IT systems are outdated and cumbersome. How can I quickly open the systems to external access in a controlled manner?
  • The complexity of my application environment gives rise to operational risks and high operating costs. How can I reduce both of these without increasing the risks during the modernization?
  • My daily business activities are in danger as a result of unstable systems that can only be extended with difficulty. How do I tackle such open-heart surgery?

Revitalisation instead of risk-filled new development?

It is important to reflect the necessary changes quickly and sustainably in the systems. But what if an application can no longer reflect the business requirements or the implementation becomes too slow? This is the time for an assessment of your application environment and examination of possible migration scenarios. One possible scenario is revitalisation of the legacy system. In contrast to a risky new development with a big-bang switch on, revitalisation permits a risk-driven approach that can be implemented gradually. The goal in this regard is to regain agility in order to meet business needs, increase usability and acceptance, and achieve increased ROI throughout the lifecycle.


Application Transformation

The direct route to results

  • Vitality check: Assessment of the application environment, as well as the delivery and organisational structures.
  • Fitness plan: Visioning workshop, drawing up of migration scenarios and roadmap, creation of the business case.
  • Transformation or modernization: Renewal, modernisation and migration of legacy systems, optional takeover of legacy systems
  • Optimisation: Continuous development, provision of support for and operation of the systems e.g. with a strategic partner.


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Regina Dietiker

Business Solution Manager
Application Modernization

"Legacy systems can prevent the rapid implementation of innovative solutions. Modernization makes you more agile and efficient again."
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Lukas Urech

Account Responsible
Application Modernization

"Aging applications can put the brakes on your company. Revitalization, however, is an "open-heart operation". You should therefore turn to a professional for advice."