Application Modernisation

Regain your agility

Insufficient stability and a lack of flexibility when it comes to adapting existing IT systems and business applications can impair the performance of companies. Deployed technologies reaching end-of-life status, a lack of internal know-how, increasingly complex application landscapes and outdated user experiences are all forcing decision makers to take action. At the same time, businesses are having to keep pace with changing customer needs and processes, in some cases by quickly adapting their entire business model.

In this challenging environment, our proven approach enables you to make the right IT investments and ensure the long-term viability of your own business model by modernising your application landscape:

  • Vitality check: Assessment of the current application landscape as well as the development and operating structures
  • Fitness plan: Creation of a vision, migration scenarios and roadmap
  • Transformation: Modernisation and migration of applications
  • Optimisation: Continuous development, support and operation of applications – with Zühlke as a strategic partner

New business opportunities through regained flexibility

An agile approach and value-based prioritisation ensure quick results and an application landscape that is tailored to your current strategy and needs. By becoming more flexible again, you can exploit new business opportunities and drive innovation, while also improving user friendliness and minimising risks. Optimised architecture and processes lead to less maintenance work and improved service quality, as well as making it possible to reduce time to market on a sustained basis.

Zühlke is your reliable partner for application modernisation

Due to our experience of completing many complex and successful modernisation projects, we are perfectly equipped to accompany you through your transformation. You benefit from a local partner who understands your business and takes responsibility for results. Our dedicated and passionate team will familiarise itself quickly with your company and bring an agile mindset as well as DevOps best pratices to the project.

Success Stories

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