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Increasing demands for a seamless user experience are forcing companies to orchestrate channels and continuously innovate their systems and services. Old systems or existing core applications often make automated business processes impossible. Zühlke meets this complexity with comprehensive development competence, from the revitalization of existing applications to the integration of new technologies such as AR/VR and Blockchain to the development of new enterprise portals or mobile solutions.

Key questions

  • Which technologies should we invest in to shorten the time-to-market of new services?
  • Which channel strategy helps us to achieve our business goals?
  • Are our systems and our organization ready for changes in the business model?
  • How do we improve our user experience to get closer to our customers?
  • Can cloud computing help me to establish new mobile channels faster?

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Photo: Mr Stephan Frey

Stephan Frey

Director Solution Center
Software solutions

"Zühlke offers a comprehensive range of development expertise, from the revitalisation of existing applications to the integration of new technologies and development from scratch."