Experience Design

Generating value from experiences

Changing parameters are continually changing people's behaviour. What stays constant is the need for unique experiences. Thrilling customer experiences do not come about by chance, but are a question of your company's innovative ability. Solve your customers' pain points and gain a measurable competitive edge in changing markets.

Key questions

  • Are you present and relevant in your customers' moments of truth?
  • Do you use your customers' pain points as drivers of innovation?
  • Do you use Big Data to inspire your customers?
  • Do you know the value contribution of your customer experiences?
  • Is your organisation ready for the age of the customer?

Experience innovation at all levels

Chain of experience
How do we wow customers at all contact points along the journey (e.g. flight), so that they actively recommend the company (e.g. airline)?

User journey
How do we inspire customers (e.g. business travellers) in the appropriate context through interaction with a product or service (e.g. smartphone app)?

User flow
How do we optimise the user interface so customers reach their goal (e.g. mobile check-in) in an effective, efficient and satisfying way? 

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Ivo Ruckstuhl

Director Solution Manager
Digital Consulting

"Digital transformation is a business design challenge – it's about creating alignment between technology, value, and business models."