Cyber Security

Secure in the digital future

The world is connected, digitalised, and changing rapidly. Technological developments, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing, are helping companies to adapt to new conditions faster and more flexibly than ever before.

The comprehensive connectivity and complexity of today's IT architectures make it easy for hackers to invade third-party systems, paralyse entire organisations, and cause unforeseeable long-term economic damage. 

Effective repelling of cyber threats

The decisive factor for information security and resilience in the digital world is a holistic approach in one's own cyber defence; a holistic, reliable security strategy that does justice to the increasing complexity of today's world and can withstand the rapidly growing technological possibilities available to cyber attackers.

Zühlke helps its partners identify dangers at an early stage, rather than just when they are right outside the door. Customers are supported along the entire value chain on their way to creating a secure, resilient and agile organisation. Information security is already considered in the very earliest conception phase in order to offer effective protection against threats not least in the live phase.

Cross-functional teams for maximum success

With years of experience in the development and implementation of IT and security concepts, and with highly-qualified specialists and multi-layered skills, we assist organisations with their entire cyber security process - from strategy and implementation through to long-term support and maintenance.

In addition to specific expertise in the area of IT and security, expertise from various industry sectors and customer projects is brought in. With Zühlke as your partner, you have access to not only internationally recognised experts in the field of cyber security, but also to the entire brain power of the Zühlke Group.

Your contacts
Dr. Raphael Reischuk

Head of Cyber Security Services

PhD in Informationssicherheit, CISPA/Saarland Informatics Campus und Cornell University

+41 43 216 6566

Daniel Rapp

Business Solution Manager

+41 43 216 6924

Cyber Security Offerings

Security Engineering

Are you worried about remote attacks, sabotage, or data theft? In the planning phase, you should design your connected systems so that they meet the requirements of an adequate, adaptive and GDPR-compliant security concept and can securely withstand cyber attacks. Our engineers help you develop the right solution for you.

Security Assessments

How secure are your systems? To prevent your close involvement in the business from becoming a blind spot, it is worthwhile obtaining a second opinion. Evaluations made by our experts are based on a thorough assessment of the infrastructure, architecture, design, hardware, and program code as well as the operational processes.

Security Consulting

Standard product or tailor-made solution? In order to integrate the right security solution into your own infrastructure, you may need help navigating through the growing range of technologies, trends, and products. Our security consultants can help you find the right option with their expert recommendations.

Security Education

Many security vulnerabilities can be traced back to the human factor. Our motto is therefore: Education is the strongest defense. We advise and train you on current threats, the latest technical possibilities and trends. Our Academy and numerous individual training courses as well as our training and assessment platform SecurEd keep you fit.

Security Awareness

Are your employees prepared for a security incident? Are your processes aligned to the security strategy, and is your attack surface reduced in the best possible way? Over 80% of all attacks are made possible by human-related vulnerabilities and process errors. We show you what damage these can cause and make you ready you so that social engineering and phishing attacks don't stand a chance.

Security Resilience

What is your security strategy? In addition to technical measures, processes such as a digital contingency plan are necessary in order to be able to enduringly and resiliently counter cyber attacks. We help you to reduce the risk of ransom demands, damage to your reputation, and the standstill of your activities. Because only a sustainable resilience strategy lets you sleep soundly.

International competence at 14 locations

As a global partner for business innovation, we have a security team of over 60 experts from the fields of consulting, software engineering, business analysis, and project management available for you at our 14 corporate locations.