Offering Innovation

Offering Innovation

To be competitive in tomorrow’s markets requires seizing today’s opportunities.
Differentiation is key. Standstill is regression. Move now.

Start with promising ideas and turn them into amazing products, services and business models that delight your customers and put you in the lead.

Innovation Sprint:

Great products and business models combine groundbreaking technology, customer excitement and maximal business value. During the Innovation Sprint we identify and evolve ideas that carry such potential – quickly and focused, but with a broad solution horizon.
Through light weighted prototypes, early customer involvement and the Zuhlke recommendation we create the transparency and assurance you need to move forward towards realization.

Rent a Startup:

The successful validation of a promising idea requires high speed, sufficient manpower and the right skills. Rent a Startup provides you with a Zuhlke team that works together with your experts as an autonomous entity, focusing on building, testing and optimizing your idea with real market feedback and ultimately reaching the product/market fit – fast, efficient, with minimal risk.


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