Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting data and things.

Solutions based on the Internet-of-Things yield competitive advantages in B2B or B2C markets. As an innovation partner for networked business solutions, Zühlke covers all the IoT-relevant disciplines: from business consulting, mechanical or electronic development and cloud backends, to mobile apps. With Zühlke as a partner in innovation, you accelerate the development of market-ready IoT solutions since we have many years of experience and have mastered all the dimensions of development.

Key questions

  • What new or related business model becomes possible with IoT?
  • Where can IoT optimise processes in the distributed value chain?
  • How can you profitably open up IoT solutions to other companies?


The direct route to results

  • Development of business models using Business Model Patterns
  • Methodical innovation with "Stars 2 Road"
  • Product and software development for device connectivity, cloud technologies, analytics, portals, and apps
  • Operation and maintenance of IoT solutions


IoT Applications

When sensors create value

The value chain of an IoT solution consists of five elements: the physical product, sensors, connectivity technologies, a cloud backend for analytics, and the digital service. Added value is generated by intelligently aggregating data by, for example, using a light bulb via an app as an alarm system - thanks to the analysis of lighting data.

Zühlke takes into account the entire IoT value chain and you get a total solution with added value from a single source. 


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