Turn brilliant ideas
into market success

The development and lifetime of products are subject to ever-shorter cycles. Furthermore, the competitive pressure resulting from the globalization of European companies requires more and faster innovation. The ability to convert an idea into a marketable product with a successful business model is crucial.

Secure your innovative lead

Switzerland is world champion in innovation. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individual companies to maintain this high level and to further extend their lead.

The global competition and dynamic markets demand more flexible business models as well as substantially shorter innovation and development cycles.

At the same time, cost pressure is increasing continually and products have to be fitted with the latest technologies.

Fit for global competition

Unique characteristics are of existential importance today for products that are marketed worldwide in the face of a rapidly growing global competition.

Customers expect products to provide additional flexibility and ever better quality.

Companies that manage to transform ideas quickly into marketable products create decisive competitive advantages. They:

  • set themselves apart from the intense global competition
  • access lucrative new markets and target groups
  • create novel products and services based on modern software and communication technologies
The complete innovation process with Zühlke

We guide you actively through the complete innovation process – from idea conception to series production and market success.

  • Cross-industry approach: With our interdisciplinary engineering know-how in the fields of mechanics, optics and software, as well as by using approaches from all sectors, we make sure that your ideas result in successful products.
  • Prototyping and time to market: Functioning prototypes can be quickly built and thoroughly tested in our modern technology labs. This accelerates the innovation process and guarantees a shorter time to market.
  • Business perspective and compliance: The risk is mitigated by means of dedicated selection procedures, sound business cases and quality goals that are integrated in the process. Moreover, you benefit from our in-depth knowledge about regulations, standards and legal requirements in regulated industries such as medical and railway technology.

Zühlke makes sure that your company can take advantage of its innovation opportunities. The combination of our long-term practical experience in various sectors, our in-depth expertise in methodology, and our interdisciplinary technological competence is unique.

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