The key to competitiveness

Every company nowadays feels the pressure to innovate due to global competition: whether it is because of changing customer requirements or because of falling profit margins and market shares.

This applies to products and services as well as to business models. It is not always sufficient to simply adapt existing models. Intensive, inter-departmental collaboration is the only way to create innovative ideas and, ultimately, proposals that offer the customer genuine added value.

Successful in the face of global competition

Companies that do not continuously reinvent themselves and their products, miss the boat in global competition.

New competitors are penetrating the market. New technologies are breaking up the value chain. Customer requirements are changing faster and faster.

Successful companies distinguish themselves with a structured approach and by asking the right questions:

  • How do you adapt your business model in order to create a benefit customers are prepared to pay for?
  • How can you sustainably reduce production costs?
  • How can digital technologies create additional added value?
  • How can you adapt success patterns from other sectors?
  • Where and how can you develop new areas of business by using your core competences?
  • How can innovations be tested in the market at an early stage?
A passion for innovation

Since the founding of Zühlke in 1968, innovation has been our enduring passion and at the core of everything we do. We are committed to guiding companies through the entire innovation process – from generating creative ideas and conducting feasibility studies via product development all the way to market success.

  • Product innovation: With our extensive engineering know-how and our systematic methodology, we make sure that ideas become successful products.
  • Business transformation: If you wish to venture into new business areas or adapt your business model to new challenges, you have come to the right place. We understand the dynamics of different markets as well as the business logic of different industries.
  • Value engineering: Exploit the savings potential present in the system design. Using a specialized development process, our experts will reduce the production costs of machines, equipment and disposables by up to 50 percent.
  • Disruptive innovation: Our specialists will provide method-based support throughout the complete innovation process, from the creative development of new, groundbreaking ideas, to their successful market introduction.
  • Continuous innovation: Thanks to our long-standing project experience in a wide variety of sectors and markets, we recognize the potential for innovation in your products and implement them efficiently.

We understand all aspects of innovation and can identify exactly what is important. You profit from our long-term cross-industry experience, our highly qualified engineers and our specialized methodology, as well as from an efficient and pragmatic project implementation. Our best reference is our customers’ success.

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Eric Roth

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