Empowered Worker

Empower employees - increase added value

Digitalisation turns the parameters in the industry on their head. Continuous automatisation and permanent innovation of the business model have become part of the company’s DNA. Zühlke empowers the worker through new technologies, optimises processes, and thus increases the value added by companies. Enhanced reality makes the empowered worker a success factor for your company.

Key questions

  • Can you still increase your sales with your products, or will your services become the primary sales driver?
  • How can you counteract the cost and margin pressure with digitalisation?
  • How can the manufacturing costs of your products be continuously reduced?
  • How can you react to shortened product lifecycles?
  • How can you further develop your products agilely and secure the ROI through continuous innovation?
  • Which technology reduces the ever-increasing demands on your personnel and empowers your employees?


«Connect – Inform – Support – Visualize»

The empowered worker, who has access to easy-to-follow and context-relevant information anywhere and anytime, performs better and at a lower cost. IoT enables the global, targeted collaboration of objects, links people at work, and simplifies work processes. AR / VR / MR gives the worker access to realistic visualisations and context-sensitive information, precisely where it’s needed. The combination of IoT and AR / VR / MR enables employees to master daily challenges more efficiently and accelerates the company's success.

Exploiting the benefits of new technologies

  • Open up new market segments with digital business models
  • Increase your offer with additional product lines and variants, without overstretching your workforce
  • Respond more quickly to changing market conditions through a more flexible use of your staff
  • Reduce operating costs by using AR / VR / MR
  • Improve the utilisation of your production resources thanks to increased uptime
  • Increase the quality of your products and services
  • Strengthen customer loyalty with accessible and intuitive support
  • Meet complex security and compliance requirements with new technologies
  • Focus on the relevant aspects of your business thanks to a reduction in contextual changes


The direct route to results

  • Workshops to generate ideas and gain a market overview
  • Create perceptible experience prototypes
  • Project implementation and application development
  • Operation of installations throughout the entire lifecycle


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