Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration is the
breeding ground for innovation

Collaboration is at the beginning of all business processes. Thanks to organized collaboration, companies are more efficient in developing products or providing services. The digital transformation offers the unique opportunity of making it even more efficient to communicate and work with colleagues, customers and partners.

Using internal and external potential

Collaboration is a key success factor for companies today. Many of them have to be active on a global scale, achieve shorter innovation cycles and optimize their processes. Collaboration tools facilitate achieving these goals:

  • Resources and expertise: In large corporations it is paramount that employees find the experts or information relevant to their task. Technologies with intelligent search functions help to bring the right people together and thus enhance productivity.
  • Innovation: Inter-departmental collaboration is a well-known driving force of innovation. But virtual teams of experts from different regions and business areas, or the inclusion of customers and partners, will also boost a company’s innovative capacity.
  • Process optimization: Consistent digital automation of processes results in safety and cost efficiency. Thus, employees may follow or retrace activities – be it for compliance procedures or for process reviews.

The pragmatic path to sound collaboration solutions

For collaboration to succeed, you need to have an overview and a vision. For collaboration tools to be effective, the company culture, as well as its processes and technologies have to be analyzed in detail. Zühlke helps you to gain an overview of all levels and to implement the measures suited to the different user groups.

  • Collaboration objectives: The respective goals for collaboration tools have to be defined independently of existing technologies.
  • IT strategy: Different needs exist within an organization. This is why the strategy must include, among other things, user groups, application cases and requirements.
  • Collaboration tools: Be it social media, wikis, portals, mobile solutions or other applications, collaboration solutions have to be adapted to the relevant objectives and user groups, and integrated into the existing IT environment.
Collaborate with Zühlke

Collaboration is no end in itself. It has to serve the purpose of creating value. Zühlke makes sure that collaboration processes and technologies serve your business objectives. We offer a range of services:

  • business consulting including the analysis of information flows, processes and tools
  • technical consulting including requirements engineering, user requirements and user experience methods
  • solution delivery of portals, gamification concepts or mobile solutions
  • change management to establish mechanisms for collaboration

We have an excellent track record in development projects in different sectors. Our solutions are sound and practical.

Thanks to our holistic expertise in business and IT matters, you benefit on the one hand from faster project implementation, and on the other, from individual collaboration solutions that make you more innovative, more productive and more efficient.

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