CX - Customer Experience

CX - Customer Experience

Incumbent businesses are disrupted by unhappy customers, not by technology. That’s why we place human experience at the center of our digital transformation journey.

We approach the evolution of your products and processes from a customers perspective. And we make sure, that customers are heard – from the first idea to market success.

We work in well-rehearsed interdisciplinary project processes and take on the customers perspective – preferably in co-creation.  

Almost half of the startups in Sillicon Valley fail beacuse their innovation does not meet market demand. We reveal all the customers needs, even the implicit ones, identify obstacles as well as value drivers. We apply Design Thinking to generate solutions. Our recommondations are based on validated prototypes and can be measuered with the market succes of your MVP. 
We believe, that offering and processes should be based on customers needs and not the other way around. That’s why we understand processes from a customers point of view, analyze the current situation of the customer journey, design the ideal customer journey and bring it in line with the business processes. The starting point for new products, services and business models are real customers needs. The customer experience is measured with selected KPIs and we put it in relation to the market success, thus we pave the way for a differentiation and premium against the competition.

«One thing, that I have found out is, that you’ve got to start with the Customer experience and then work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and then work around where you can sell it» Steve Jobs

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