Business Excellence

Targeted optimization of innovation and IT

The ability to improve continuously has become a key success factor in the face of global competition. Companies that systematically promote the optimization of all processes and activities enjoy a distinctive advantage. To achieve this, processes and systems have to be measurable.

Measure success systematically

Controlling and improving processes and activities effectively is only possible if you have the right performance indicators.

Especially in product and software development, the long duration of some projects and their often ambiguous goals, complicate a systematic monitoring of success.

Indeed, it requires broad experience from different projects, comprehensive engineering know-how and specialized frameworks that may be adapted to each specific case.

Do the right thing – and get it right

In order to streamline an organization, to speed up product development, or to make business processes more efficient, you not only have to do the right thing – you also have to get it right:

  • Make all services measurable in order to determine the ROI.
  • Lower costs in the long term without threatening the business performance.
  • Make revenue and expenses comparable by benchmarking.
  • Identify potential for optimization and initiate targeted improvement initiatives.
  • Speed up development processes and thus reduce the time-to-market.
  • Systematically boost the probability of success of innovation projects.

Leaner, more efficient and more effective

The recipe for the perfect process consists of blending together suitable methods and practical experience with systematic implementation.

Become more efficient with Zühlke

The efficient implementation of market requirements is one of Zühlke’s core competences. Our broad experience and comprehensive know-how in processes and methods serve to support your company on an organizational level, as well as with carrying out your optimization projects.

  • Agile innovation: Based on our long-term experience, we implement complex product or software development projects reliably and swiftly, using the right mix of agile and classical methods.
  • Global development: We support you in setting up global development activities – or in optimizing them. You will profit from our comprehensive engineering and nearshoring experience.
  • Relocating production: our consultants identify areas that are suitable for transfer, assist you in finding locations and suppliers in Eastern Europe, and support you in adapting your processes.
  • Application outsourcing: You can rely on our proven software competence for your applications to reap the maximum benefits. We support you extensively – from application development, the operation and maintenance of your applications, to outsourcing and targeted expert support.
  • Lean compliance: Our experts sustainably reduce the effort for the implementation of compliance and security requirements in your product development. We are familiar with all the standards and their practical application, and have suitable, specialized tools at our disposal.

Thanks to our long-term and varied project experience, we know exactly where promising potential for optimization is to be found. You profit from lean and pragmatic solutions that sustainably boost your efficiency.

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Consulting Director
Business Excellence

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Managing Director Business Development
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