Strategy & Business Innovation

Strategy & Business Innovation

Strategy is about value creation and alignment.
Innovation is about breaking constraints.
You need both. Welcome to Zühlke.

At Zühlke, we believe that innovation is a force of positive change, a source of progress and prosperity, that advances all of us – that advances humanity. 
Innovation is not an idea. Innovation is not what inventors do.
Innovation is what humans, what customers adopt.
Innovation is what we successfully establish in the market.
This is what drives us.

As your partner, Zühlke is committed to your market success and combines three essential perspectives – business, technology, and the human experience – in a unique way to create winning strategies, sustainable competitive advantage, and breakout innovation.
Our collaborative approach paired with our realization mindset proves transformative for our clients.

Consulting Services

We lead the way to success in a complex world full of uncertainty and opportunity.
Together, we create your future.

Our Expert
Ivo Ruckstuhl

Digital Consulting

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Our strategy consulting provides clarity and alignment in the age of digital.

Digital Strategy

Strategy in the age of digital. Harness and shape the digital transformation in your favour.

Strategic Innovation

Aligned investments in the future of your company. The overall context. The big picture.


Move from promising ideas to business potential. Create opportunities. Make the right choices. Commit strategic investments. Realize value.

Offering Innovation

Novel products, services, solutions, experiences and business models: Seize the opportunities of digital transformation. Differentiate in the eyes of your customers and your competition.

Process Innovation

Digitalization of business processes and quantum leaps in operational performance that transcends cost efficiency and enables competitive advantage and new revenue.


Your business environment changes. And so must your organization.

Agile Organizations

Creating & enabling agile organizations: organization design, development, and transformation.

Thought Leadership

The future of business, technology and the human experience.

CX – Customer Experience

Reduce the risk, that your innovation fails at the market.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning – Data Analytics

Make your organization more competitive and the daily lives of your customers and employees easier.

Smart Connected Solutions

Next generation applications & solutions in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).