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We identify the idea with the greatest potential

Every innovation begins with an inspiring idea. But how do you manage to find the right idea at the right time? And how do you ensure the idea really meets end customers’ needs? With our proven creativity techniques, we help your idea reach market readiness.

The right recipe

Brainstorming alone is not enough. To make space for creative ideas, the constellation must fit. Mixed teams of people from all age groups with different educational backgrounds and interests provide innovative impulses. A structured, methodical approach supports this process of generating and evaluating ideas. Zühlke offers just that: Workshops packed with ideas, and specialists, who enrich your team with abundant experience and creative input.

What we can offer you
  • Human-centred innovation / design: We integrate the users very early on and throughout the entire innovation process to ensure the solution is fully geared to their needs.
  • Proven creativity techniques: Thanks to our long-standing experience in innovation, we have a wide variety of methods at our disposal, such as "Design Thinking" or "Stars to Road".
  • Cross-industry innovation: You profit from our know-how across all sectors - from software and hardware to business analysis.
  • Agile approach: When evaluating possible solutions, we take technical aspects and economic aspects into account equally. In the context of agile processes, such as Lean Startup (cf. Rent a Startup), we repeat the procedure of idea generation and evaluation with every step.

Your customer is at the heart of all activities - we work together with you to determine the most promising idea and develop a customer-focused solution.

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