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We prepare your product for series production

You already have the idea and the product concept. Now you need someone to help you put it into practice. Or maybe you'd like to improve your existing product but don't know where to start? At Zühlke, we put your product or concept to the acid test.

Success by agile approach

Market success doesn't only depend on the quality of the product and service innovations. It is also vital to choose the right time for the market launch. Rapid time-to-market is therefore essential. We work together with you to define an agile approach that guarantees short development cycles. Thanks to our in-house workshop and large network of partners, we are able to produce prototypes quickly and flexibly. This enables us to identify risks at an early stage and eliminate them in the next step. Optimum producibility is our priority.

What we can offer you
  • Interdisciplinary development: Zühlke offers everything from one source and under one roof: From the mechanics (metal, plastic), electronics (microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA) and electrics and optics (laser, LED, lenses) to software development (embedded, enterprise, cloud) and Experience Design including industrial design, UX und medical design.
  • Design-to-Cost and Value Engineering: In the development phase, we constantly optimise the production costs, thus securing the Design-to-Cost targets.
  • Software development for industrial companies: Thanks to our industry know-how, we develop software solutions for you such as highly specialised engineering and simulation tools
  • Process development and system integration: We model complex production processes for our customers and prepare implementation of the manufacturing facilities with specialised plant constructors. To ensure long-term product success, we work closely together with the manufacturer - or more specifically the maker - thus guaranteeing smoothly running production.

With Zühlke you have an experienced partner at your side, who provides support and frees up capacities throughout the entire innovation process. We put together a team from our pool of committed specialists that meets your project requirements. The focus is on rapid time-to-market, optimum producibility, and compliance with statutory requirements.

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Product innovation