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We bring your idea down to earth

Do you already have an innovative idea and want to implement it? Would you like to know how your customers react to your product at an early stage already? Do you have a product that you want to improve, or need help validating your business case? We assist you and develop a successful product from your idea. For us, successful means: innovative, feasible, and profitable.

What we can offer you
  • Customer experience: In order to offer your customers the best possible experience, we rely on requirements engineering, UX design, and industrial design.
  • Feasibility: We elaborate technical concepts and sustainable business cases with you. We point out what is technically and economically viable on the basis of feasibility studies. Thanks to simulations and FMEA, we are able to recognise risks at an early stage and reduce or completely eliminate them from the outset.
  • Prototyping: We quickly produce functional prototypes in Zühlke's in-house workshop and technology lab. This enables us to improve the prospects for success and shorten the time-to-market.

On the road to successful innovation, we conduct simulations, FMEA, feasibility studies, business case analyses and design work. Our experts from a range of different engineering disciplines have a wealth of know-how and experience. They not only support you with the concept, but also during the entire innovation process.

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Markus Steiner

Business Solution Manager
Product innovation