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Digitale Transformation

Digital transformation is a challenge and an answer, but what is your question?

Customers today don't just want products or services, but convincing solutions for their needs - and they should be speedy, comprehensive, simple and convenient. Successful companies act swiftly and flexibly, offer engaging user-experiences, are always open to new business models, and select the right partners and technologies.

Flexibility and agility

Especially companies that are already established in the market find it difficult to cope with digital transformation. The required transition affects the entire company and is also subject to an extremely dynamic development. The status quo needs to be constantly questioned, hierarchies and boundaries between departments must be overcome, and wide-ranging regulations have to be met.

From the idea to market success

Zühlke is your trustworthy partner who empowers you to launch the right business innovations at the right time on the market. This includes avoiding bad investments, overcoming obstacles, and absorbing new cultural impulses.

The path to a "digitally transformed company" is a very individual and comprehensive one, and requires a lot of tact. We commit ourselves to planning this path with you and accompanying you at every stage - from the idea to market success.

Our approach

The basis for the services we provide is Zühlke's "Digital Transformation Framework". These are some of the points we cover in close cooperation with you:

  1. We develop an inspiring target vision for your organization and a compelling digital strategy that takes you there. We devise specific digitization initiatives, construct illustrative prototypes and Minimum Viable Products to test the market, and design a realistic plan for step-by-step implementation.
  2. We exploit the opportunities provided by the digital age to optimize your existing business model and to develop new, innovative business models.
  3. We make your organization more agile and establish mechanisms for the optimum management and implementation of digitization initiatives. With our "Rent-a-Startup" service, we offer you the opportunity to quickly conceive and implement initiatives, also detached from your organizational structures.
  4. We create powerful collaboration networks so that you can combine your own strengths with the advantages complementary partners provide.


We base our digital transformation on the principles of business excellence (EFQM), which means no digitization simply for digitization's sake, but only when it provides clear benefits for the customer and their business. We want you to bring digital initiatives down to earth, so you can make more money and cut costs.

Your personal workshop

Digital transformation is a reality. Is your company prepared? Register for your individual workshop with our experts today and take the first step towards a successful digital future.

Digital Transformation Workshop


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Ivo Ruckstuhl

Director Solution Center Digital Consulting
Digital Consulting

"Digital transformation is a business design challenge – it's about creating alignment between technology, value, and business models."
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Thomas Memmel

Director Solution Center
Digital Consulting